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The future of your cup of coffee is in jeopardy. Due to a dramatic decline in coffee prices – the lowest in 15 years – millions of coffee farmers no longer make enough to live on or to support their families. Independent research shows that in some cases while a cup of coffee can be up to $3(USD), reflecting multiple cost factors such as transport, processing, rent, labour costs, health insurance and others, the amount that the coffee farmer receives in some cases can be as little as 1 cent (USD).


Imagine going to work every day and not earning enough to eat and cover basic needs, such as food, healthcare and education. If things don’t change, farmers will be forced to abandon coffee plantations and migrate to urban areas or abroad, just to survive.


But there is something you can do to help. 

15-year low


12 million

in coffee prices that are paid to farmers for their produce

the amount a farmer receives on average from the sale of a $3(USD) cup of coffee

farming households are affected by the coffee price crisis


To celebrate coffee as part of International Coffee Day 2019, we're inviting you to take part in our incredible coffee competition. Entering the competition is really simple...answer the 10 trivia questions in our fun 'coffee challenge' and complete the two bonus questions "what does coffee mean to you?" and "why do you support a living income for coffee farmers?". Doing so will enter you into a global prize draw for a prize worthy of a true coffee lover.
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