What is International Coffee Day?

International Coffee Day on 1 October brings together coffee lovers in a global celebration to share their love of coffee and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on it.

What is the Coffee Pledge?

Coffee's future is in jeopardy. Coffee farmers aren't making enough to live on and prices are at an all-time low. If things don't change farmers will no longer be able to produce coffee beans, putting your cup of coffee under threat. 

But there is something you can do to help. As part of International Coffee Day the #CoffeePledge has been created to help galvanise support for the millions of coffee farmers who need a voice. The #CoffeePledge is a petition with a target of one million signatures from all around the world in support of a living income for coffee farmers and their families. 


By signing this petition you’ll give consumers a voice and help us to influence those who can effect positive change for coffee farmers across the globe: the international community, governments, development banks, the United Nations and the wider coffee industry. With your assistance we can help coffee farmers receive the livelihood they need and deserve through a living income.  

Why do you need a million signatures?

We have the ambitious target of one million signatures by International Coffee Day on 1 October, as this number will help us carry significant weight into conversations with those who can affect positive change for coffee farmers. This petition gives consumers a voice.  


How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved in International Coffee Day 2019 in support of a living income for coffee farmers:

  • Sign the pledge: Sign the #coffeepledge and share across social media

  • Host an event: Host or join an event celebrating coffee, visit www.internationalcoffeeday.org/getinvolvedfor more information on events

  • Take the coffee challenge: Take the coffee challenge to see how well you know your coffee and be in with a chance to win a prize worthy of a true coffee lover

  • Visit www.internatonalcoffeeday.orgfor facts about coffee, other ways to get involved and crucially, information on what’s causing the coffee price crisis and threatening farmers’ livelihoods.


What is the International Coffee Organization (ICO)?

This petition has been prepared by the International Coffee Organization, the main intergovernmental organization for coffee, which brings together exporting and importing Governments to tackle the challenges facing the world coffee sector through international cooperation and to pursue the sustainability of the whole coffee sector. Our Member Governments represent 98% of world coffee production and 70% of world consumption. 

For more information on the ICO, please visit www.internationalcoffeeday.org/about

You said coffee prices are low, so why is the price of my coffee not going down?

When we talk about coffee prices, we’re referring to the amount farmers receive for the coffee they produce. At the end of 2018, a pound (approx. 500g) of coffee (the equivalent of a bag of coffee bought at the supermarket) cost the average coffee drinker $7.27 (€6.50) depending on the country, yet the international market price for coffee was only at $1 (0.89 euro). 

What impact do low coffee prices have on farming communities and the future of coffee?

ICO research shows that the average income of coffee growers decreased by 10% in 2018. With farm incomes falling, poverty rates in producing regions are rising. If the situation does not improve rapidly, more farmers will be forced to abandon coffee plantations and migrate to urban areas or abroad.


Why is there a donation/promotion button on the change.org petition for the #coffeepledge and where does the money go?

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is not requesting any monetary donations through this petition or platform. Any request for funds comes directly from the change.org platform as a voluntary option to promote petitions and no funds are received by the ICO nor by coffee farmers. 


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