This International Coffee Day we are launching a programme to support the 
next generation of young people in coffee. Find out more below. 


Unprecedented Times

Young people in the coffee sector face an unprecedented challenge, from young farmers to baristas and everyone in between.


The coffee price crisis has been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic and as such, there is not only a serious threat to the livelihoods of coffee farmers today, but also a dramatic risk to the future of coffee tomorrow, with an increasing number of young people in coffee farming households moving away from “the family business” to other locations and jobs that they see as more progressive and lucrative for their future. What’s more, female entrepreneurs have been majorly/disproportonatley affected by these challenges, particularly in producing countries.


Nonetheless, youth in the industry remain the main source of innovation, sustainable and impactful ideas and job creation; investing in youth in the coffee sector still means investing in the sustainable future of the industry. 

Looking to the future

This year the International Coffee Day 2020 will serve as a platform to launch a programme that will support selected young entrepreneurs in the coffee sector to develop and scale their innovative and impact-driven ventures.

The programme intends to provide the rightful combination of adequate financial support with skills development and training, to ensure sustainability and scaling of innovative youth-led ventures in the coffee sector.


Investing in youth will generate both innovative and sustainable solutions for the coffee sector and those in it, while contributing to positively impacting local communities. In addition, it will mitigate the lack of engagement of youth in coffee farming, as well reinforcing and promoting youth contribution to the sustainable development of the sector.

We hope you will join us. 


There are a significant number of ways to get involved in the "Coffee's Next Generation" programme from donations, to educational support, knowledge sharing, partnerships and beyond. As we approach 1st October 2020 and beyond, we will release more detailed information on the programme and how you can get involved. 

If you'd like to partner with us or get more detailed information on how to get involved before then please get in touch below. 


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